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Band 3 Care Assistant Jobs in Birmingham 2024 – Visa Sponsorship

As an essential element of our recruitment strategy, we are in search of a Band 3 Maternity Care Assistant to become a member of our community team. This team provides coverage for Solihull Hospital and the surrounding area. It is the duty of the Maternity Treatment Assistant (MCA) to enable the delivery of safe and superior treatment for both mothers and infants.

In her capacity as a member of the Community Midwifery team, the MSW will demonstrate a high level of competence. The operations of the MCA will be conducted under the direct supervision of a registered midwife, who will provide guidance and expertise in the field. The MCA will consult with organizations, families, and individual women throughout pregnancy and the postnatal life cycle.

The MCA will be tasked with a variety of responsibilities to ensure the efficient operation of the Community Midwifery team. These include administering personal care to women and infants, providing guidance and information on self-care, and infant care, initiating breastfeeding, health promotion, and clerical, educational, and housekeeping tasks.

Our community team delivers exceptional midwifery services to a wide range of women and families. Community midwife teams function within primary care practices, children’s institutions, and private residences in accordance with named midwife models. The leadership of the service is entrusted to the Community Matron, who appoints the following individuals to each team: community administrators, community midwives, community leaders, and maternity care assistants. Appointees will be provided with extensive assistance and a personalized orientation throughout the duration of their appointment.

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Details of Band 3 Care Assistant Jobs in Birmingham

Benefits of Band 3 Care Assistant Jobs in Birmingham

  • Meaningful Contribution to Others’ Lives: Care assistant positions afford the chance to effect substantial change in the lives of individuals. Care assistants enhance the quality of life for individuals in need by providing assistance with daily tasks, personal care, and emotional support.
  • Stability of Employment: Care assistants continue to be in high demand, especially in areas such as Birmingham where geriatric populations and a need for healthcare services coexist. This demand ensures the employment stability and security of those in the field.
  • Flexible Working Hours: Many Care Assistant positions provide flexible scheduling options, including day, evening, and weekend schedules, in addition to part-time and full-time positions. This adaptability permits individuals to juggle work obligations alongside other commitments, including family duties or academic pursuits.
  • Training and Development: Training and development initiatives are frequently implemented by employers to furnish Care Assistants with the necessary competencies and understanding to execute their duties with efficacy. Aspects such as health and safety, infection control, communication skills, and dementia care may be covered in this training.
  • Band 3 Career Progression: Care assistant positions offer prospects for professional development within the healthcare industry. Ascare assistants gain additional training and experience, they have the potential to progress to more senior-level roles, including care manager, team leader, or senior care assistant.
  • Variety of Work Settings: A wide range of work environments are conducive to the practice of care assisting, including hospitals, nursing homes, residential care facilities, and community care settings. This diversity enables individuals to select a professional setting that corresponds with their personal inclinations and areas of interest.
  • Rewarding Relationships: Care assistants cultivate meaningful connections with the individuals under their care, in addition to their families and caregivers. Providing compassionate care and establishing rapport can be gratifying and fulfilling, thereby increasing job satisfaction.
  • Band 3: Competitive Compensation and Benefits In general, care assistant positions are remunerated competitively, with frequent augmentations granted for working unsociable hours, overtime, and weekends. Employers may also offer paid time off, healthcare coverage, and pension plans, among other benefits.
  • Community Health Support: Care Assistants fulfill a critical function in promoting the health and overall welfare of the community through the provision of indispensable care and aid to seniors, individuals with disabilities, and those facing health difficulties. Their work enables people to maintain their independence and lead satisfying lives in their own residences or care facilities.

Main duties, tasks & skills required

  • In order to cultivate and maintain outstanding interpersonal skills and expertise
  • In addition to the midwife and multidisciplinary team, women and their families participate in communication.
  • To comply with the registered midwife’s verbal and written instructions regarding the care of the mother and neonate.
  • To maintain precise records of all care provided to the mother and infant in accordance with the
  • abide by the protocols of the trust and maintain charts as necessary.
  • To guarantee that any concerns or complaints are escalated expeditiously to the midwife in a position of authority.
  • To function in collaboration and partnership with multidisciplinary and multiagency teams.
  • To carry out specific clinical care responsibilities (collection of urine samples, urinalysis, and microbiological specimens).
  • Assist and supervise the expectant mother and infant throughout the prenatal, postnatal, and intrapartum stages; apprise the midwife of any germane information or developments pertaining to the health of the mother and child.
  • Conduct clinical observations on the mother, which encompass vital signs such as urinalysis, body temperature, pulse, blood pressure, saturation, and weight. Notify the midwife of any deviations from the anticipated range of results.
  • To initiate communication with emergency services as needed in order to safeguard women and infants.
  • Conduct neonate neonatal screening samples in accordance with trust-approved training and under the midwife’s supervision.
  • In order to provide essential public health counsel, including dietary recommendations and postnatal exercise regimens.

About us

Our status as a preeminent NHS Foundation Trust in the United Kingdom is widely recognized. We are aware that in order to achieve our goal of “Construct Healthier Lives,” we need personnel of the highest caliber.

Our primary commitment to our staff is to ensure that they are situated in an ideal working environment. We are therefore dedicated to the following:

  • Prioritizing the health and welfare of our staff members, including a steadfast commitment to offering flexible work arrangements whenever possible;
  • To foster the professional and personal growth of our staff, we shall furnish them with a wide selection of training and development opportunities.

In order to ensure that its employees feel appreciated and treated fairly, UHB is dedicated to cultivating an environment that is both gracious and welcoming. This relates to opportunity equity, which entails removing all barriers, including discrimination, and ensuring that each member of staff achieves their utmost potential, fulfills their ambitions, and thrives in their career pursuits. This surpasses superficial rhetoric. We have initiated the course of action.

Our organization is firmly dedicated to cultivating an inclusive environment that respects and embodies diverse viewpoints. The active involvement of our diverse staff networks and the Fairness Taskforce, led by our CEO, demonstrates this dedication. Organizational culture is cultivated that promotes the confrontation of discriminatory behavior by employees and facilitates the expression of “complete selves” in a work setting that is more inclusive, supportive, and courageous.

All areas within University Hospitals Birmingham are devoid of smoking.

Description of Band 3 Care Assistant Jobs in Birmingham

Please consult the attached Job Description for a detailed delineation of the responsibilities linked to this role.

Person specification



  • Maths GCSE Grade C or above
  • English GCSE Grade C or above
  • NVQ Level 3 in Health


  • UNICEF Breastfeeding Training
  • NHS Care Certificate



  • A minimum of Band 2 experience working in the healthcare sector
  • Experience working in a complex environment
  • Instances of collaborative endeavors
  • Experience in the field of maternity services

Additional Criteria


  • Capability to conduct maternal and neonatal observations
  • Exceptional documentation skills
  • Phlebotomy expertise
  • Proficient in communication and interpersonal relations
  • Drivers of motor vehicles who hold a valid driver’s license

Disclosure and Barring Service Check

In accordance with the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act (Exceptions Order) 1975, the Disclosure and Barring Service (formerly known as CRB) requires the submission of a Disclosure Application to corroborate the absence of prior criminal convictions.

Certificate of Sponsorship

Applications for sponsorship of qualified migrants seeking employment in the United Kingdom are encouraged to be submitted by supporters. These applications, along with all other applications, will be subject to evaluation. For further information, kindly refer to the official website of UK Visas and Immigration.

Skilled migrant applicants seeking entry clearance into the United Kingdom were obligated to provide a certificate of criminal record from every country where they had continuously or cumulatively resided for a minimum of 12 months since April 6, 2017, prior to the specified date. Furthermore, it is the responsibility of dependents who have attained the status of adults to adhere to this condition. Further information pertaining to this subject can be acquired from this source. Conducts criminal background checks on international applicants.

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  1. How do you become a Band 3 NHS?

    You will need to have a minimum of an NVQ Level 2 qualification in health care and recent experience working in a nursing setting. You will also need to hold a full UK driving license and be a car owner or driver.

  2. What is the role of a Band 3 NHS job?

    The SDEC team considers the band 3 role to be an essential component. To work within a multi-disciplinary team, providing high-quality patient triage, assessment, and care. Integral to managing patient flow and unit coordination in a busy unit. Working on a regular basis without direct supervision from a registered nurse.

  3. What is the band 3 NHS salary?

    This is £1,901.33 a month before deductions. A person on this NHS pay point will pay £85.33 a month in national insurance, £115.98 a month in NHS pension contributions and £147.57 a month in tax. This makes their net (take-home) pay £1,552.45 a month.

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