Warwick University SAGE Scholarships in UK 2024 – Apply Online

Warwick University, in collaboration with the British Council and with the support of the ASEAN – UK Supporting the Advancement of Girls’ Education (SAGE) program of the UK Government, is delighted to present an opportunity for a scholarship that aims to close the gender disparity in STEM disciplines.

This initiative highlights Warwick’s dedication to promoting diversity and inclusion in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and medicine through the provision of financial assistance to women who are enthusiastic about pursuing advanced education in these critical domains.

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Warwick University Safe Scholarship Essentials

  • Offering: Five postgraduate scholarships are available to begin their studies in September 2024.
  • Deadline: noon BST on April 5, 2024.
  • Eligibility: Permanent residents, women, and passport holders of particular ASEAN nations.
  • Application: A scholarship application form; must be submitted in conjunction with an application for an eligible course at Warwick; an application ID for the scholarship is required.

Benefits of Warwick University SAGE Scholarships in UK:

  • Financial Assistance: The SAGE Scholarships furnish international students with financial aid, which may encompass a portion or the entirety of their tuition fees, living expenses, and additional educational expenditures. This reduces the financial burden on students and their families, thereby increasing the accessibility and affordability of higher education in the United Kingdom.
  • The prestigious establishment: Warwick University is widely recognized as an esteemed establishment renowned for its scholarly prowess, contributions to research, and dynamic student body. Scholarships awarded by Warwick University augment the academic standing of recipients and heighten their competitiveness in the international labor market.
  • Obtaining Equitable Education: Scholarships at Warwick University allow pupils to benefit from an exceptional academic experience, eminent faculty, and cutting-edge facilities. The university provides a diverse selection of undergraduate and postgraduate programs spanning multiple academic disciplines, enabling students to actively pursue their personal and professional aspirations.
  • Optimal Research Prospects: Warwick University is widely recognized for its interdisciplinary learning approach and research-intensive environment. SAGE Scholars may be granted access to mentorship opportunities, research funding, and state-of-the-art research facilities, thereby enabling them to advance their academic and professional trajectories and contribute to pioneering research endeavors.
  • Promotion of Networking Opportunities: Academics enrolled at Warwick University are granted entry to an international and multicultural alumni, student, and faculty body. Through its alumni programs, career fairs, and networking events, the university provides students with opportunities to make connections, broaden their professional networks, and investigate career prospects.
  • An Intercultural Exchange: International students who attend Warwick University are afforded the chance to immerse themselves in the British language, culture, and way of life. By participating in cultural events and engaging with diverse perspectives, scholars can cultivate an appreciation for and understanding of other cultures.
  • Development, both personally and professionally: The SAGE Scholarships at Warwick University prioritize comprehensive growth, encompassing scholastic accomplishments, aptitude for leadership, and active involvement in the community. By engaging in leadership programs, extracurricular activities, and community service initiatives, scholars have the opportunity to develop and hone their personal and professional qualities and skills.
  • Consequences on a Global Scale: Warwick University is dedicated to effecting positive change in society and tackling worldwide issues via research, education, and innovation. Scholars of SAGE are afforded the chance to make contributions to endeavors that center on social justice, global health, sustainability, and various other urgent concerns that confront the contemporary world.
  • Professional Development: A SAGE Scholarships improve the career prospects of Warwick University graduates and grant access to future opportunities. A global network of alumni and a solid reputation of the university can assist students in obtaining internships, employment placements, and admissions to graduate school.
  • Community Participation: At Warwick University, a culture of social responsibility and community involvement is actively promoted. SAGE Scholars are strongly encouraged to engage in community service initiatives, student organizations, and campus activities to foster a welcoming and dynamic campus community.

Eligible Courses and Countries:

The scholarship at Warwick encompasses an extensive array of master’s programs, including Sustainable Automotive Electrification and Analytical Sciences, to enhance expertise and knowledge in cutting-edge STEM disciplines. Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Lao People’s Democratic Republic, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Timor-Leste, and Vietnam are all eligible, with Warwick’s scholarship programs offering preferential treatment to applicants from Indonesia and Thailand.

Eligibility Criteria:

For eligibility, candidates must:

  • Demonstrate gender identity as female and hold residency in a qualifying nation.
  • Maintain a Warwick unconditional offer for an eligible course.
  • Illustrate financial exigency and the absence of alternative funding channels.
  • Comply with the English proficiency prerequisites for the selected course.
  • Exhibit motivation, academic prowess, and a dedication to making a positive impact on the socio-economic progress of their country of origin after completing their studies.

Application Process:

Before applying, scholars-to-be are required to enroll in a qualifying postgraduate taught course at Warwick. Once they have received an offer, they may proceed to complete the scholarship application form, which is accessible online. This procedure underscores the significance of timely readiness, guaranteeing that candidates fulfill the prerequisites for both the course and scholarship applications well in advance of the deadline in April 2024.

More Info

  1. Does Warwick offer full scholarships?

    The Warwick Undergraduate Global Excellence Scholarship (WUGES) is available to eligible full-time international undergraduates. Successful applicants are awarded a tuition fee discount of either £2,000, half fees, or full fees during each year of undergraduate study.

  2. How can I get a full scholarship in the UK?

    The three main UK government scholarships on offer are: 
    GREAT Scholarships. GREAT Scholarships are scholarships to UK universities across a variety of subjects for students from 15 countries. …
    Chevening Scholarships. Chevening Scholarships offer fully funded master’s degrees in the UK. …
    Commonwealth Scholarships.

  3. How do I get a Warwick scholarship?

    Selection criteria are uniform for all scholarships: academic achievements (70%) and supporting statements (30%). Guidelines for the SOP or Statement for University of Warwick scholarships are: Reason and Motivation for Choosing the Particular Warwick Program.

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