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Registered Manager Jobs in UK 2024 – Visa Sponsorship

We are delighted to announce an exciting opportunity for a registered manager who is both experienced and knowledgeable. The position is available at our upcoming children’s home in Kettering. This new service will offer a nurturing environment to three children and young adults who are experiencing emotional and behavioral challenges.

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Details of Registered Manager Jobs in UK

  • Job Type: Full Time
  • Location: Northampton, United Kingdom
  • Salary: 55,000.00 – 60,000.00 £ / Year
  • Company: Juventas Homes Ltd
  • Education: GCSE or equivalent (preferred)
  • Experience: Management: 2 years (required)
  • License/Certification:
    • Driving Licence (preferred)
    • NVQ Level 5 or equivalent (required)

Role of Registered Manager Jobs in UK

As a registered manager with extensive experience in this position, you will:

  • Register the provision with Ofsted.
  • Ensure that our services are in full compliance with legislative and regulatory requirements by serving as the Ofsted Registered Manager.
  • Foster effective collaboration with local authorities, children and young people, their families, and all internal and partner agencies by recruiting and developing a successful staff team.
  • Supervise all facets of the home’s daily operations.
  • Hold an OFSTED registration and have experience in fit-for-purpose interviews.
  • · Exhibit assurance in the process of establishing and opening a new residence.
  • · Deliver exceptional care to children and adolescents in a residential environment.
  • · Possess the requisite knowledge and experience in the following areas: therapeutic practice, Reg 44s and OFSTED inspections, compliance and safeguarding, staff administration, and the Children’s Act.
  • · Master the art of engagement in the referral and matching process, ensuring that all parties involved are consulted.

Benefits of Registered Manager Jobs

  • Leadership and Responsibility: Registered managers assume substantial leadership responsibilities, including the supervision of operations and the assurance that services adhere to regulatory standards. This responsibility may be enjoyable for individuals who derive satisfaction from leading teams and making strategic decisions.
  • Professional Development: The position of a registered manager offers numerous opportunities for career advancement. Managers can advance to more senior executive positions or specialized roles within the industry by demonstrating their competence and experience.
  • Quality of Care Impact: The quality of care that is provided to clients or patients is directly influenced by registered managers. This can be especially rewarding, as they are able to enhance the quality of life and well-being of the individuals under their care.
  • Regulatory and Compliance Knowledge: The role of a registered manager entails the maintenance of adherence to industry regulations and standards. This knowledge is highly regarded and can provide access to a variety of positions in policy-making, consultancy, and compliance.
  • Job Stability and Demand: The healthcare and social care sectors are particularly in demand for competent registered managers. This requirement offers a diverse array of employment opportunities and job stability across various organizations.
  • Diverse Work Environment: Registered managers are employed in a variety of environments, such as hospitals, care homes, residential facilities, and community care organizations. This diversity can maintain a work environment that is both engaging and dynamic.
  • Development of Management Skills: The position entails the oversight of strategic planning, budgets, operations, and staff. This all-encompassing management experience is advantageous for both personal and professional growth.
  • Improved Communication Skills: Registered managers engage in regular interactions with regulatory bodies, families, clients, staff, and other stakeholders. This position improves interpersonal, negotiation, and communication abilities.
  • Emotionally Rewarding Work: Registered administrators are instrumental in the provision of essential services that enhance the quality of life. It can be extremely gratifying to observe positive results and make a positive impact.
  • Continuing Professional Development Opportunities: Numerous organizations provide their registered managers with access to training programs, seminars, and additional education to ensure that their skills remain current.

Responsibilities of Registered Manager Jobs in UK

  • Oversee a residential facility that serves three students.
  • Assume the primary responsibility of engaging with children, establishing a strong rapport, and setting an example to encourage independence.
  • Supervise a team of highly experienced employees, guaranteeing that they receive exceptional support and training.
  • Offer emotional support to youth.
  • Organize referrals and matching, manage and train personnel, and liaise with family members and social workers in order to complete tasks such as writing care plans.
  • Demonstrate a comprehensive comprehension and awareness of safeguarding policies and procedures.
  • Focus on achieving positive outcomes for the children and maintain records of support.
  • Effectively delegate tasks and work collaboratively within a team.

Requirements of Registered Manager Jobs in UK

  • Experience with Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and Emotional and Behavioral Difficulties (EBD)
  • A minimum of two years of recent experience working in a residential children’s setting (within the past five years)
  • Experience that aligns with the standards of Ofsted
  • Ideal qualifications include an OFSTED registration and experience with fit-for-purpose interviews.
  • Possess or be willing to pursue a Level 5 Health and Social Care Management and Leadership qualification in children’s residential care.
  • Ideally, possess a Level 3 residential childcare qualification.
  • It is preferable to have a valid driver’s license.

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  1. What is the job description for a registered manager?

    Provide information, guidance, and ongoing supervision to enable staff to effectively and safely carry out their roles. Carry out appraisals and monitoring of staff performance. I am responsible for managing, monitoring, and maintaining the agreed budgets, as well as taking corrective action in collaboration with the Board of Directors.

  2. How much does a CQC-registered manager earn in the UK?

    The estimated total pay for a CQC manager is £42,405 per year, with an average salary of £37,720 per year. This number represents the median, which is the midpoint of the ranges in our proprietary Total Pay Estimate model based on salaries collected from our users.

  3. What is the role of a registry manager? 

    The registry manager is responsible for collecting, collating, and distributing all admissions and registry data in an efficient, effective, and appropriate manner, adhering to relevant agreed standards and guidelines. Perform any additional tasks that the situation warrants. It involves working under pressure and meeting strict deadlines.

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