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The Punjab Safe Cities Authority (PSCA) declared all new job openings. A notice of these openings appeared in the Jang Newspaper. Visit the PSCA website at to submit an application. In the PSCA Service Regulation, the terms and conditions for these contract-based positions are outlined. Online registration is available.

Hiring is being conducted by the Punjab Safe Cities Authority (PSCA), a division of the Punjab administration. You must provide a police verification report and supporting documentation, including an HEC-verified degree or its equivalent for foreign degrees if you are selected. Applications are being accepted by PSCA in Lahore for contract positions in smart city projects spanning sixteen districts and two tehsils in Punjab.

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Details of Punjab Safe Cities Authority Jobs

Punjab Safe Cities Authority Jobs

Numerous PSCA positions are accessible in Punjab. Online applications for these positions are accepted via the PSCA website. The PSCA positions offer varying levels of compensation. Females are also employed, thereby ensuring equal opportunities. For application submissions and further details, please consult the official website of the Punjab Safe City Authority. You can easily begin the application process after locating a desirable position by logging into the PSCA portal.

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Residents of Punjab are encouraged to submit applications via an open, competitive process. Our online database contains the most recent job openings at the Punjab Safe Cities Authority for 2024. The authority is currently seeking candidates to occupy supervisory and executive officer positions. Lahore residents are eligible to register for these positions.

Benefits of Punjab Safe Cities Authority Jobs

  • Competitive Salary: Government positions frequently offer competitive compensation, which may be established according to qualifications, experience, and the particular responsibilities of the employee.
  • Health Insurance: Health insurance coverage is available to employees of government agencies, including PSCA. Vision, dental, and medical insurance may be included to assist with healthcare expenses.
  • Pension Plans: Government employment generally provides pension programs or alternative retirement savings alternatives to aid personnel in strategizing for their monetary prospects.
  • Job Security: Job security is a common benefit of employment in government agencies, as these positions tend to be more stable in nature compared to certain roles in the private sector.
  • Leave and Vacation Benefits: Leave benefits, such as paid or unpaid time off for illnesses and annual leaves, are customarily provided to government employees.
  • Investment in Training and Professional Development: Government entities may allocate resources towards employee training and professional development. Opportunities for further education, seminars, and skill development programs are examples of such activities.
  • Housing and Transport Allowances: Housing and transportation allowances, as well as facilities provision, may be offered by the organization in accordance with the job requirements and policy stances.
  • Social and Recreational Programs: Social and recreational programs are often coordinated by government agencies with the intention of fostering a positive work environment and promoting the well-being of their employees.
  • Employee Assistance Programs: Employee assistance programs (EAPs) may provide a range of resources, including counseling services and mental health support, to aid staff members in navigating both personal and professional difficulties.
  • Opportunities for Progression and Development: Government positions frequently offer prospects for professional development and progression within the institution.

Smart Safe Cities Project Phase 1

Smart Safe Cities Project (PSCA) Phase-I Jobs

The Punjab government has established reserved quotas for women, minorities, and individuals with special requirements. These positions are contractual for a duration of two years. Also permitted to register from home in 2024 are previous positions. Application submission is required prior to March 23, 2024, in order to be taken into consideration for these opportunities.

Eligibility Criteria for Punjab Safe Cities Authority Jobs

  • A Master’s or Bachelor’s degree in the pertinent field from an accredited university is the minimum qualification.
  • Experience that is pertinent is required to apply.
  • Candidates must be between the ages of 40 and 58.
  • Applications are only accepted from individuals who are domiciled in Punjab.

How do you apply for Punjab Safe Cities Authority Jobs

  • Employment-related information can be found at
  • At any time, PSCA may suspend employment or approve or reject applications.
  • Intern, freelance, or part-time work experience is ineligible.
  • Candidates who have been shortlisted are the only ones who receive interview calls.
  • Interviewees are required to bring supporting documentation.
  • No travel allowances are provided for interviews or examinations.
  1. What is the Safe City Project in Pakistan?

    It was the goal of the Safe City Project to carry out technology-driven policing in order to set up Capital City’s security as a norm in the sector. ICT has been fitted with Vehicle Management System Cameras and Intelligence Video Surveillance Systems with Automatic License Plate Recognition abilities as part of this project.

  2. What are the objectives of the Safe City project?

    In accordance with the Punjab Safe Cities Ordinance, the Punjab Safe Cities Authority is to be entrusted with the development, maintenance, and establishment of a command, control, and communications system (IC3) in the province’s key cities for the safety of the public.

  3. What is Lahore’s safe city?

    Lahore Safe City is a vital component of a broader regional effort aimed at enhancing safety via traffic monitoring and criminal control.

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