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Mortuary & Cellular Pathology Technician Jobs in UK 2024

We are seeking applications from qualified candidates for a full-time position that requires a commitment of 37.5 hours per week (Monday through Friday). Duties will be predominantly performed in the mortuary department at Withybush Hospital, but the individual must be willing to travel to other mortuary sites for training or coverage.

A high level of education, including GCSEs in English, Mathematics, and a science subject, as well as an NVQ3 or equivalent and prior experience working with patients or relatives in a healthcare setting, is necessary, but no professional qualification is required.

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The successful candidate must be capable of effectively managing their own workload as a lone worker and demonstrate a commitment to providing quality service within mortuary work areas.

Part-time hours will be taken into account in addition to full-time hours.

Details of Mortuary & Cellular Pathology Technician Jobs in UK

Duties of Mortuary & Cellular Pathology Technician Jobs in UK

  • The successful candidate will be accountable for the efficient operation of the department on a daily basis and the execution of a diverse array of mortuary activities.
  • They will be accountable for the following: the reception and release of the deceased, the accurate recording of valuables and property, the preparation of the deceased for viewing, the maintenance of the mortuary’s cleanliness, the completion of daily worksheets, and monthly audits.
  • They will effectively communicate with a diverse array of service users and personnel, such as bereaved relatives, the Medical Examiners Service, hospital wards, and the Coroners Service.
  • It is desirable to possess a comprehensive understanding of contemporary mortuary practice and techniques, as well as an in-depth comprehension of current legislation.
  • This position is highly desirable for Welsh speakers; however, English and/or Welsh speakers are also encouraged to submit applications.

Benefits of Mortuary & Cellular Pathology Technician Jobs in UK

  • Specialized Skill Development: The occupation of a mortuary or cellular pathology technician enables individuals to acquire specialized skills in laboratory techniques, anatomy, and pathology. The medical and scientific communities place a high value on this expertise.
  • Career Stability and Demand: The healthcare sector in the United Kingdom consistently requires skilled technicians, including those in mortuary and cellular pathology positions. This demand offers job stability and a variety of employment opportunities in private laboratories, research institutions, and hospitals.
  • Competitive Salaries: Mortuary and cellular pathology technicians are generally well-compensated, which is indicative of the specialized nature of their work. Healthcare, pension programs, and the potential for overtime pay are frequently included in salaries.
  • Contribution to Healthcare: These positions are indispensable to the healthcare system. The post-mortem examinations are assisted by mortuary technicians, who contribute to medical research and assist in determining the causes of death. The examination of tissue samples by cellular pathology technicians is essential for the diagnosis of diseases, such as tumors.
  • Career Advancement Opportunities: Technicians may specialize in fields such as forensic pathology, histopathology, or laboratory management or advance to more senior positions through additional education and experience. In these disciplines, it is recommended that individuals engage in ongoing professional development.
  • Diverse Work Environment: Mortuary and cellular pathology technicians are employed in a variety of contexts, such as private pathology labs, university research departments, and hospital laboratories. This diversity provides a diverse array of experiences and the chance to perform in various fields of medical science.
  • Impactful Work: The work of mortuary and cellular pathology technicians has a substantial impact on patient care, public health, and medical research. Their contributions aid in the comprehension of diseases, the development of treatments, and the provision of closure to families following the demise of a loved one.
  • Professional Recognition and Support: The Institute of Biomedical Science (IBMS) and the Royal College of Pathologists are examples of professional bodies and organizations in the United Kingdom that offer technicians support, accreditation, and recognition. These organizations provide resources for professional development and ongoing education.
  • Work-Life Balance: A significant number of positions in this field, particularly those located in hospital laboratories, provide consistent working hours. This can offer a favorable work-life balance in contrast to other healthcare professions that may necessitate shift work or irregular hours.
  • Educational Opportunities: The United Kingdom provides a variety of educational pathways to the field of biomedical science, pathology, and related fields, such as diplomas, certifications, and degree programs. Continuing education and professional development are frequently encouraged by employers.

About us

The Hywel Dda University Health Board is responsible for the planning and provision of NHS healthcare services to the residents of Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion, Pembrokeshire, and the surrounding counties. Across a quarter of Wales’ landmass, our 11,000 employees deliver primary, community, in-hospital, mental health, and learning disability services to approximately 384,000 individuals. We accomplish this by collaborating with our three local authorities, as well as public, private, and third-sector colleagues, including our volunteers:

Bronglais General in Aberystwyth, Glangwili General in Carmarthen, Prince Philip in Llanelli, and Withybush General in Haverfordwest are the four primary hospitals. Amman Valley and Llandovery in Carmarthenshire; Tregaron, Aberaeron, and Cardigan in Ceredigion; and Tenby and South Pembrokeshire Hospital Health and Social Care Resource Centre in Pembrokeshire are the seven community hospitals.

There are 48 general practices, four of which are managed practices, 47 dental practices (three of which are orthodontic), 99 community pharmacies, 44 general ophthalmic practices (43 of which provide Eye Health Examination Wales and 34 of which provide low vision services), 17 domiciliary-only providers, and 11 health centers.

There are numerous locations that offer services for cognitive disabilities and mental health. The Welsh Health Specialized Services Committee, a joint committee that represents seven health authorities across Wales, commissions highly specialized and tertiary services.

Responsibilities of Mortuary & Cellular Pathology Technician Jobs in UK

  • In order to advance into the future and collaborate with the Swansea Bay University Health Board (SBUHB), A regional pathology service, which will be provided by A Regional Collaboration for Health (ARCH), will ensure that all pathology services are in alignment.
  • This will enable us to deliver exceptional patient care by fostering innovation, collaboration, excellence, accountability, courage, and healing.
  • Additionally, we will be able to offer and provide access to exceptional, highly advanced clinical and anatomic pathology consultation services as part of the ARCH mission, all while ensuring a superior level of quality and service.
  • Accompanying the supporting documents will be a comprehensive job description and person specification.
  • The Health Board is dedicated to assisting its employees in thoroughly embracing the necessity of bilingualism, thereby improving the experiences of patients and service users.
  • We are pleased to announce that we are accepting applications from Welsh speakers in order to expand our staff’s proficiency in communicating with patients and professionals in Welsh.
  • Communication in Welsh is a desirable qualification for this position.
  • The Health Board provides a range of learning opportunities and staff support to assist you in achieving these minimally desirable requirements during your employment with us if you do not satisfy the Welsh language requirements specified.

Qualification & Knowledge


A minimum of five GCSEs, comprising English, mathematics, and a science subject at an A-D level. Level 3 qualifications, NVQ3, or science at an A-level or equivalent experience.


Level 3 pathology diploma: Comprehension of the Human Tissue Act



Experience in interacting with patients and their families in a healthcare environment


  • Prior pathology or mortuary experience
  • Interacting with the deceased



  • A flexible approach to the service’s requirements
  • Capacity to travel between Health Board sites in a timely manner

Language Skills


  • Welsh Speaker – Level 1

Disclosure and Barring Service Check

This position is subject to the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act (Exceptions Order) of 1975. Consequently, it will be necessary to submit a disclosure application to the Disclosure and Barring Service (formerly known as the CRB) to verify any prior criminal convictions.

Certificate of Sponsorship

All other applications will be considered, including those from job seekers who require current skilled worker sponsorship to work in the UK. For additional information, please consult the UK Visas and Immigration website (opens in a new tab).

More Info

Since April 6, 2017, skilled worker applicants who are seeking entry clearance into the United Kingdom have been required to submit a criminal record certificate from each country in which they have resided continuously or cumulatively for 12 months or more in the past decade. This requirement also applies to adult dependents who are over the age of 18. Guidance is available at this location. Checks of criminal records for applicants from abroad (opens in a new tab).

More Info

  1. How much do mortuary technicians make in the UK?

    The estimated total pay for a Mortuary Tech is £29,333 per year, with an average salary of £27,427 per year. This number represents the median, which is the midpoint of the ranges in our proprietary Total Pay Estimate model based on salaries collected from our users.

  2. In the UK, what is the term for a mortician?

    A mortician, also known as a funeral director or undertaker, is a professional who provides mortuary services. They typically work with the families of the deceased to discuss and arrange details relating to funerals, wakes, and burials.

  3. What qualifications are required to work in a mortuary in the United Kingdom?

    A level 3 diploma in healthcare science (anatomical pathology technology) is the industry standard qualification for those seeking to become an anatomical pathology technician. This is the job title for a mortician who works in an NHS hospital.

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