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Higher Assistant Psychologist Jobs in UK 2024 – Sponsorship

We are currently seeking a part-time assistant psychologist (AP) position (0.8 write) to assist in the assessment of the efficacy of a novel talking therapy. It is a component of a multi-center RCT that is funded by Wellcome and is designed to address sleep-related issues. The postholder will be instrumental in the effective execution of this trial, overseeing the recruitment, assessment, and follow-up of the participants.

A novel therapy for sleep issues is the improvement of sleep. It will be delivered over a 12-week period. Eight individual, face-to-face sessions will be provided on a weekly basis.

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This will provide the postholder with an unparalleled opportunity to acquire knowledge about a novel therapeutic approach, collaborate with global leaders in the field of psychological therapy research, and develop research skills and a comprehensive comprehension of the methodology used in NHS therapy trials. You will collaborate with colleagues who are conducting other research trials on the understanding and treatment of experiences such as voices, visions, and paranoia, and you will become a part of a more extensive group of researchers in the Northeast.

Professor Daniel Freeman and Dr. Felicity Waite from Oxford are the overall project leaders, and they are joined by a large team of co-applicants and collaborators from six sites throughout the country, as well as colleagues in Cumbria, Northumberland, Tyne, and Wear FT. The treatment is heavily influenced by the lived experiences of service users and service user researchers are leading the charge on several aspects of the trial.

Details of Higher Assistant Psychologist Jobs in UK

Duties of Higher Assistant Psychologist Jobs in UK

The position that is presently being advertised is expected to be extended for a period of several months, with a duration of 24 months.

The position will contribute to the execution of a large-scale randomized controlled trial (RCT) that will assess the clinical and cost-effectiveness of a novel psychological treatment for individuals experiencing sleep disturbances. The position will be located in Newcastle, but it will necessitate travel throughout the trust. The trial assistant’s primary responsibility will be as follows:

  • Recruitment, screening, and evaluation of patients for the randomized controlled trial of psychological treatment “Sleeping Better.” This will entail consistent communication with referrers, attendance at clinical team meetings, and visits to first-episode psychosis teams and at-risk mental state (ARMS) teams. The recruitment criteria are set on a monthly basis.
  • Participants will be examined in clinics or at their residences throughout a vast geographic region. This implies that a valid driving license and access to one’s own or other independent transportation options will be necessary to facilitate extensive travel.
  • It will be necessary to maintain accurate records, which includes the completion of the recruitment database and the updating of medical records to reflect the progress of the trial.
  • You will be required to generate consistent reports regarding the recruitment process, which will encompass the management of the recruitment database as well as assessments.
  • It will be necessary for you to consistently input and verify data in the study databases.
  • We anticipate your attendance at supervision and at relevant research team meetings, including training at the principal site in Oxford.

About us

We are dedicated to the recruitment and retention of a workforce that is diverse, talented, and committed, as well as compassionate and caring. This workforce will be capable of meeting the current and future needs of the modern NHS. In exchange, we can provide a dynamic work environment in which to establish a career.

The position will offer experience in the following areas: clinical trial methodology, assessment, NHS services, and engaging individuals with psychosis and other presenting issues. Individuals who are interested in pursuing a career in clinical psychology or clinical research would be well-suited for this position. Full training in trust procedures, sound clinical practice, and assessment will be provided.

The optimal candidate will possess experience in clinical or research environments. If you have experience working with individuals who have encountered challenges with paranoia, hallucinations, or cognitive assessment tasks, it may be beneficial. They should be capable of organizing and overseeing numerous interconnected components of the project and their own work.

They will be required to exhibit a high level of interpersonal skills and be capable of conducting interviews and assessments with potentially vulnerable individuals. The most critical requirement is that they possess a high level of motivation and commitment, as well as a strong enthusiasm for the research field.

Responsibilities of Higher Assistant Psychologist Jobs in UK

  • Robert Dudley serves as the local project leader, while Prof. Daniel Freeman and Dr. Felicity Waite at Oxford University serve as the overall project leaders. We will be recruiting research participants at six primary sites, each with its own team, in collaboration with a team of co-applicants.
  • The local site principal investigator, Robert Dudley, and a local trial coordinator will supervise the postholder, who will also collaborate closely with the central trial team, which is located in Oxford. The post-holders will be instrumental in the effective execution of this trial, as they will be responsible for the recruitment, assessment, and follow-up of the participants.
  • Please refer to the following description for further information regarding the sleep intervention: “A targeted psychological treatment for sleep problems in young people at ultra-high risk of psychosis in England (SleepWell): a parallel-group, single-blind, randomized controlled feasibility trial—The Lancet Psychiatry.”
  • Your primary responsibilities will include conducting assessments that include cognitive assessments, interviews, and a battery of measures in order to meet the monthly recruitment targets.
  • To accomplish this, you will be engaging in proactive communication with teams, promoting the study, engaging in discussions with clinicians regarding referrals, establishing contact with potential participants, obtaining informed consent, and conducting a comprehensive assessment instrument in a sensitive manner.
  • You will guarantee that individuals possess the necessary skills and knowledge to make well-informed decisions regarding their involvement in the investigation.
  • You are responsible for retaining participants in the trial and guaranteeing that the study is conducted to the highest feasible standard. During your regular supervision sessions (weekly local and trial-wide), you will ask questions about your assessments and engagement issues, as well as reflect on the challenges of developing rapport in order to conduct effective assessments.
  • You will collaborate with colleagues from the trust and across the sites to guarantee that the trial is completed within the designated timeframe and meets the established standards. You will ensure the accuracy and quality of the information we record on our site by entering it in a timely manner.
  • You will be enthusiastic, resolute, and driven by the opportunity to contribute to the development of novel, potentially effective, and acceptable treatments for individuals.
  • You will encounter numerous individuals, as well as their families, caregivers, and acquaintances. You will be adaptable and flexible in your approach to interacting with individuals, ensuring that they feel at ease and can participate in the assessment process. You will collaborate with services and teams throughout the trust.

Benefits of Higher Assistant Psychologist Jobs

  • Career Advancement: Higher Assistant Psychologist positions are frequently perceived as a preliminary step toward the attainment of complete qualification as a psychologist. The experience and skills acquired in these positions can be leveraged to improve applications for doctoral training programs and other advanced career opportunities in psychology.
  • Professional Development: The position of a health assessment professional (HAP) offers a wealth of on-the-job training and opportunities to hone critical skills, including research, intervention, assessment, and report writing. This practical expertise is indispensable for the advancement of one’s career in the field of psychology.
  • Mentorship and Supervision: HAPs are typically employed under the supervision of qualified clinical or educational psychologists. This offers consistent opportunities for mentorship, guidance, and supervision, which aids in the development of professional knowledge and clinical skills.
  • Diverse Clinical Experience: HAPs frequently collaborate with a diverse array of clientele, including infants, adults, and those who are affected by mental health issues, learning disabilities, or neurodevelopmental disorders. This diversity broadens clinical experience and comprehension of various psychological conditions and therapeutic approaches.
  • Research Opportunities: A significant number of HAP positions necessitate involvement in research initiatives, which encompass the collection, analysis, and dissemination of findings. This expertise is advantageous for individuals who are interested in academic or research careers in the field of psychology.
  • Skill Development: HAPs foster the development of a diverse array of skills, such as time management, problem-solving, empathy, collaboration, and communication. These abilities are indispensable for professional advancement in the field of psychology and are applicable to other occupations.
  • Comprehending Healthcare Systems: Experience in healthcare or educational environments offers a comprehensive understanding of the operations of these systems, such as multidisciplinary collaboration, case management, and service delivery. This information is beneficial for the successful navigation of intricate organizational structures and prospective career opportunities.
  • Networking Opportunities: HAPs have the opportunity to establish connections with other psychology professionals, such as clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, and educators. Developing these professional relationships can be advantageous for future employment opportunities and career advancement.
  • Personal Satisfaction: The act of assisting individuals in enhancing their mental health and overall well-being can be exceedingly rewarding. The meaningful and impactful nature of their work frequently results in high levels of job satisfaction among HAPs.
  • Pathway to Further Education: The experience acquired as a HAP enhances applications for further education, including doctoral programs in clinical psychology (e.g., DClinPsy) or other specialized training programs.



  • In psychology, a degree with upper second-class honors or higher is required.
  • Eligibility for graduate membership in the British Psychological Society.


Additional postgraduate training in pertinent disciplines of psychology, mental health practice, and/or research design and analysis.



  • The capacity to establish relationships with service consumers that has been acquired through relevant clinical experience or settings
  • Work with individuals who have mental health issues and/or other disabilities, whether paid or unpaid.
  • Experience as a research psychologist or assistant.


Experience in a clinical setting providing treatment or research

Research Experience


Working with individuals in a research environment (which may be an undergraduate or service-oriented environment)


  • Research assistant experience
  • Experience conducting neuro/cognitive assessments PhD experience working with individuals diagnosed with psychosis or ARMS

Disclosure and Barring Service Check

This position is subject to the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act (Exceptions Order) of 1975. Consequently, it will be necessary to submit a disclosure application to the Disclosure and Barring Service (formerly known as the CRB) to verify any prior criminal convictions.

Certificate of Sponsorship

All other applications will be considered, including those from job seekers who require current skilled worker sponsorship to work in the UK. For additional information, please consult the UK Visas and Immigration website (opens in a new tab).

More Info

Since April 6, 2017, skilled worker applicants who are seeking entry clearance into the United Kingdom have been required to submit a criminal record certificate from each country in which they have resided continuously or cumulatively for 12 months or more in the past decade. This requirement also applies to adult dependents who are over the age of 18. Guidance is available at this location. Checks of criminal records for applicants from abroad (opens in a new tab).

More Info

  1. How much do assistant psychologists earn in the UK?

    The average assistant psychologist salary in the United Kingdom is £25,844 per year or £13.25 per hour. Entry-level positions start at £23,025 per year, while most experienced workers make up to £32,915 per year.

  2. What does a higher-level assistant psychologist do? 

    You could be involved in carrying out various assessments and behavioral observations. contributing to multidisciplinary discussions about a patient’s diagnosis, treatment, risk assessment, and care plan. I learn more about a patient’s background by reading notes, investigating histories, and so on.

  3. Is there a high demand for psychologists in the UK? 

    In the UK, 60 percent more young people had a probable mental health condition in 2021 compared to 2017. Consequently, there is a shortage of psychology professionals and a growing demand for mental health services.

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