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Bricklayer Jobs in UK with Sponsorship 2024 – Apply Now

We are in search of an accomplished bricklayer to become a member of our team. As a bricklayer, I oversee the safety and health of large construction projects while working in the construction industry. You will be instrumental in the construction of aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting edifices. You will find us working on developments in both urban and rural areas of the United Kingdom at any particular time; each one presents its own set of challenges.

Assigning to the site manager and collaborating with a diverse group of tradespeople and subcontractors, your responsibilities will include safeguarding materials, maintaining a secure and orderly construction site, and ensuring their protection. You will be a vital member of the team; therefore, we are seeking a diligent, dependable, and proactive individual who gets along well with others and can complete the tasks independently of close supervision. Determine how we can jointly construct our future.

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Details of Bricklayer Jobs in UK with Sponsorship

  • Job Type: Full Time
  • Location: Stoke-on-Trent, United Kingdom
  • Salary: 30,000.00 – 35,000.00 £ / Year
  • Company: Grid Set Construction Ltd
  • Experience:
    • Plastering: 1 year (preferred)
    • Bricklaying: 1 year (preferred)
    • Masonry: 1 year (preferred)
  • License/Certification:
    • CSCS (preferred)
    • Driving Licence (preferred)
  • Reference ID: GRIDBRICKLAYER0524

Responsibilities of Bricklayer Jobs in UK

  • Utilize brickwork, concrete blocks, stone, and analogous materials to erect or restore structures such as walls, partitions, arches, fireplaces, and chimneys;
  • Analyze and decipher blueprints or drawings in order to ascertain the necessary specifications and materials.
  • Utilize hand or power tools to measure and cut materials to the proper dimensions;
  • employ a trowel to distribute mortar or grout onto the surfaces to be placed.
  • Utilize levels, blocks, or other instruments to align and level them. Implement finishing details by sealing joints or filling gaps with mortar.
  • As required, repair or replace damaged stones or brickwork.

Benefits of Bricklayer Jobs:

  • Employment Security: Bricklaying is a critical component of the building industry, and proficient bricklayers are in constant demand across multiple sectors, including industrial, commercial, and residential construction. This demand ensures the employment stability of individuals employed in the respective field.
  • Extreme Demand: There is frequently considerable demand for trained tradespeople, including bricklayers, in the construction industry. As urbanization and population growth continue, new construction, infrastructure development, and renovations are required on an ongoing basis, ensuring a steady demand for bricklaying services.
  • Skill Enhancement: Bricklaying necessitates the integration of technical expertise, exactitude, and artistry. Engaging in the occupation of bricklaying gives individuals the opportunity to cultivate and hone these skills, which are advantageous and adaptable in the construction industry.
  • A Wide Range of Projects: Bricklayers may be employed on a diverse array of projects, including industrial facilities and historical restorations in addition to residential and commercial structures. This diversity allows bricklayers to acquire experience in a variety of environments and maintains the work’s interest.
  • Practical Work: As bricklaying is a manual labor occupation, practitioners are able to observe the concrete outcomes of their efforts. Bricklaying can be a gratifying profession for individuals who take pleasure in handiwork and witnessing projects materialize.
  • Problem-Solving and Original Thinking: On the job, bricklayers frequently confront particular difficulties and prospects for problem-solving. Bricklaying necessitates ingenuity and flexibility, from devising complex designs to addressing structural challenges to adjusting to prevailing site conditions.
  • Wages Competitive with Others: Competitive wages are generally offered to proficient bricklayers, setting them apart from those in other trades. In addition, bricklayers with more experience may be eligible for salary increases and advancements to leadership positions within the construction industry.
  • Professional Development: Proficient bricklayers who exhibit dependability, diligence, and a solid professional ethos might be considered for further professional development. This may entail securing a position as a foreman, lead bricklayer, or even establishing their own contracting company.
  • In terms of physical fitness: Bricklaying is an occupation that demands considerable physical exertion, including stamina, dexterity, and strength. Those who take pleasure in manual labor and maintaining an active lifestyle may find bricklaying to be a gratifying pastime.
  • An Embrace of Craftsmanship: Completing a bricklaying endeavor can evoke feelings of pride and achievement. Bricklayers possess the ability to restore historical structures or construct new ones, thereby making significant contributions to the built environment and establishing an enduring legacy through their skillful labor.


  • Minimum of 2 years of experience as a brick mason or similar role; –
  • Proficient in using hand tools and power tools commonly used in masonry work; –
  • Knowledge of different types of bricks, stones, and other materials used in construction; –
  • Ability to read blueprints or drawings to determine specifications and layouts; –
  • Strong attention to detail and ability to work with precision; –
  • Physical stamina and ability to lift heavy materials.


  • Able to operate hand instruments including trowels, hammers, chisels, levels, and more.
  • practical knowledge of power tools, including saws, drills, grinders, and more.
  • Proficiency in carpentry methods pertaining to framing and completing tasks is essential.
  • Prior experience repairing masonry or working on rooftops is highly advantageous.
  • Possession of fundamental welding skills for masonry reinforcement is an asset.
  • The objective is to be diligent, dependable, and trustworthy.
  • CSCS Card Holder (CSCS).

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  1. Is there a demand for bricklayers in the UK?

    Bricklayers are in high demand across the UK. Whether you’re looking to hire bricklayers or start your own business, here’s how much builders earn.

  2. What is the average salary for bricklayers in the UK? 

    For a standard working day, which is typically eight hours, this translates to £120 to £200 per day. On a weekly basis, a bricklayer’s earnings can range from £600 to £1,000, while monthly earnings may be around £2,400 to £4,000. Annually, a bricklayer’s income can be estimated at £28,800 to £48,000 on average.

  3. What qualifications do I need to become a bricklayer in the UK?

    To train as a bricklayer, you usually need GCSEs in English and math. Employers may ask for some experience in construction or other practical work. There are often apprenticeships in estate support work that could provide such useful experience.

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