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Data Scientist Jobs in UK 2024 – Visa Sponsorship

This is an opportunity to submit an application for a data science position in the Prevention and Population Health Unit, which is located at the trust. The Unit collaborates with other significant partners in Wolverhampton, such as Wolverhampton City Council and the other members of the One Wolverhampton place-based partnership, to assist health and social care services in more effectively identifying the needs of the local population and in transitioning the focus from treatment to prevention and early intervention.

We are seeking an individual who is both enthusiastic and capable and who has a background in data science. You will be enthusiastic about enhancing your technical abilities and acquiring additional experience to facilitate the delivery of impactful and insightful population health analyses.

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Details of Data Scientist Jobs in UK

Duties of Data Scientist Jobs in UK

The primary duties of your position will be to apply data science techniques to a diverse array of health-related data sets in order to offer insights into the health of the population in the Wolverhampton place-based area.

We are interested in individuals who have experience and interest in the following: R/R Studio, Python, MS Excel, SQL, PowerBI, machine learning, statistical analysis, and reporting on complex data.

Benefits of Data Scientist Jobs

  • Enhanced Innovation: An increased propensity for innovation can result from a workforce that is culturally and educationally diverse, as it can introduce novel viewpoints and inventive concepts. Data scientists hailing from various global regions may contribute distinctive perspectives and methodologies toward resolving challenges.
  • Global Competitiveness: An organization’s competitiveness in the global marketplace can be enhanced by employing a team with international perspectives and experience. This can prove to be especially beneficial for businesses operating in sectors that place a premium on innovation and flexibility.
  • Knowledge Exchange: The provision of visa sponsorship fosters collaboration and the exchange of knowledge among professionals hailing from diverse backgrounds. This can give rise to a work environment that is more dynamic and intellectually stimulating, thereby encouraging ongoing learning and growth.
  • Long-Term Talent Retention: In the event that the sponsored data scientists effectively assimilate into the organization and make constructive contributions, they may opt to maintain an extended tenure with the company. This may contribute to workforce continuity and stability.
  • Contribution to Economic Growth: A contribution to economic growth is made by businesses through the recruitment of highly competent professionals. Opportunity and foreign investment may be more amenable to an area that has a dynamic and diverse labor force.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility: Businesses that actively promote diversity, inclusion, and equal opportunity in the workplace through sponsorship of visa sponsorship programs demonstrate a commitment to corporate social responsibility.

About us

The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust is a prominent provider of primary, acute, and community services in the West Midlands. We are immensely proud of the diversity of our staff and the communities we serve. We are in the process of establishing a workforce that will enable us to fulfill our values, enhance the quality of patient care, and address the health care challenges of the future. We are enthusiastic about the benefit that diversity of thought and lived experience provides in enabling us to become a learning organization and a leader in the provision of compassionate care to our patients.

We are overjoyed to have received a “Good” rating from the Care Quality Commission. We have received numerous accolades, including the Nursing Times Best Diversity and Inclusion Practice and the Best UK Employer of the Year for Nursing Staff in 2020.

The Trust is a supportive work environment that is dedicated to establishing flexible working arrangements that are tailored to the needs of its employees. Consequently, it will consider all requests from applicants who desire to work flexibly.

Responsibilities of Data Scientist Jobs in UK

  • To offer statistical analysis and insight into the health of the Wolverhampton population.
  • Demonstrate the ability to communicate intricate information to a diverse audience in order to assist decision-makers.
  • Demonstrate a proactive approach to learning new data science methods and concepts to ensure that you can contribute to a variety of initiatives. You will receive comprehensive support to facilitate your learning throughout your tenure with the team.
  • Adopt new and evolving policies within the scope of responsibility while considering trust, local, and national guidelines.
  • Examine extensive quantities of data to identify trends and patterns.
  • Correlate the analysis with data from a diverse range of external sources, such as the census, social deprivation, and demographic data.
  • Establish ongoing automation processes for the administration of critical population health datasets.
  • To interpret highly complex data collected from a diverse array of sources, it is necessary to employ a variety of software and robust statistical and analytical techniques.
  • Utilize intricate SQL queries to query the data.
  • Utilize data visualization methodologies to communicate information.
  • It is necessary to plan and organize the analysis activity, which includes the continuous updating of an analysis work plan. Adjustment is necessary as a result of the fluctuating burden, which prioritizes unpredictable and conflicting demands.
  • Inform the analysis by employing statistical and mathematical modeling techniques, such as logistic regression and simulation.
  • continuously contribute to research proposals, research publications, and policies.
  • Work in an environment that necessitates sustained concentration on a diverse array of intricate issues.
  • Conducts routine data quality audits to guarantee the preservation of high-quality outputs.
  • This position necessitates frequent use of a visual display unit (VDU) for periods that surpass four hours.
  • Maintain compliance with the trust’s mandatory training requirements.



  • Degree



  • Experience with programming languages for data science
  • Experience in the manipulation and processing of data using database languages
  • Proficiency in MS Excel for advanced data analysis Fundamental understanding of Microsoft Office 365
  • Capacity to rapidly comprehend a wide variety of intricate information
  • Capacity to analyze intricate information and circumstances and generate a variety of alternatives
  • Must possess the capacity to oversee sensitive and intricate data.
  • Collaborate with colleagues to acquire information.
  • The capacity to elucidate intricate statistical and analytical concepts to senior stakeholders
  • Flexibility Capacity to utilize informed knowledge to influence others



  • Flexible and adaptable, with the capacity to manage uncertainty and change
  • Capable of maintaining effective communication with other team members and working from home using MS Teams
  • Be able to attend in-person meetings and events at a variety of locations when necessary.



  • Capacity to operate independently with minimal supervision
  • Capacity to plan and coordinate analysis activities Ability to demonstrate analysis activities to team members Ability to network, influence, and organize effectively
  • The capacity to respond under duress and problem-solve
  • Demonstrate a strong desire to make a difference and enhance the health of the population.

Certificate of Sponsorship

All other applications will be considered, including those from job seekers who require current skilled worker sponsorship to work in the UK. For additional information, please consult the UK Visas and Immigration website (opens in a new tab).

More Info

Since April 6, 2017, skilled worker applicants who are seeking entry clearance into the United Kingdom have been required to submit a criminal record certificate from each country in which they have resided continuously or cumulatively for 12 months or more in the past decade. This requirement also applies to adult dependents who are over the age of 18. Guidance is available at this location. Checks of criminal records for applicants from abroad (opens in a new tab).

More Info

  1. Is there a demand for data scientists in the UK?

    The demand for specialist data skills is growing. The World Economic Forum surveyed 803 global companies and found that ‘AI and Machine Learning Specialists’ and ‘Data Analysts and Scientists’ roles were among the top 10 jobs expected to grow quickly.

  2. Is it difficult to get a data science job in the UK?

    If a person wants to work as a data scientist, the United Kingdom is a great location. There isn’t a shortage of exciting job opportunities, and some of the world’s best-known AI companies are British.

  3. What is the salary for a data scientist in the UK?

    Updated May 20, 2024. £38K–£61K/yr. 6,135 salaries. The average salary for a data scientist is £52,994 per year in the United Kingdom. The average additional cash compensation for a data scientist in the United Kingdom is £4,894, with a range from £2,306 to £10,385.

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